Aluminium productions

Aluminium is a versatile material, has a specific gravity of about one-third of the steel, or copper; is malleable, ductile and can be worked easily; has an excellent corrosion resistance and durability. Furthermore it is not magnetic, it makes no sparks, and is the second metal for malleability and sixth for ductility.

FASSI Srl for many years dealing with die-casting aluminum and its facilities in Bergamo produces excellent die-cast aluminum for industrial applications of various types and sizes.

Zamak productions

The die-Zama (zinc alloy) is extremely useful for producing items that are used in many fields.

All products deriving from this type of metallurgical activity are characterized by a surface finish of excellent level, from a minimum thickness and from almost perfect tolerance limits of sizing.

For these reasons, the FASSI Srl in Bergamo in its foundry produces excellent die-cast zinc alloy (zinc alloy) for industrial applications of various types and sizes.

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