fassi srl | Aluminium China 2017 to highlight trending topics from the global aluminium industry

Aluminium China 2017 to highlight trending topics from the global aluminium industry


Coinciding with the NPC and CPPCC meetings in Beijing, the aluminum industry in China is experiencing a warm spring. Primary aluminum has seen a rise last year from 9,800 yuan/ton to 15,800 yuan/per ton. In 2017, the aluminum price may see further rise with the more stringent environmental regulations and the policy drive to reduce overcapacity. Against the backdrop of such favorable conditions, Aluminium China is taking place at SNIEC on 19-21 July, 2017. The event has been the industry barometer over the past 13 years making new breakthroughs and attracting attention by all industry players.

International Visitor Program

To enhance overseas visitor experience, expedite the process of entering the exhibition venue, and ensure personalized & professional service before and during the show, the organizer continues to offer the International Visitor Program to international visitors, as well as visitors from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. This program includes travel allowance, free business match-making service, factory visit around Shanghai etc. The organizer is committed to providing event highlights tailored for the needs of the pre-registration visitors from three months ahead of the event through the end of the event.

Free admission to the venue through online pre-registration is available through website,

Continued focus on end users with the debut of light-weight vehicles zone

This year, Aluminium China is debuting the automotive lightweight zone to emphasize the light-weight vehicles trend. This zone will showcase lighter materials, equipment for lighter design and manufacturing, and innovative creations. The exhibits include aluminum products as well as HSS, magnesium alloy, composites, and other materials and equipment.

Other exhibition zones include Packaging Zone for aluminum bottles, cans and non-aluminum vessel producers to understand packaging trends, Deep Processing Display Zone to showcase leading processed products, technologies, and innovations covering aerospace, space, transportation, and consumer electronics and Auto Parts Display Zone for the Auto Industry Association to showcase parts, cast and forge pieces, and core processing technologies.

Focus on deep processing & exchange on core technologies 

A series of themed seminars will take place on the sideline of the show to offer targeted discussion on trending topics. The Core Automotive Lightweight Technologies Seminar feature lighter auto-related welding and joining technologies of interest by auto makers and parts producers. The seminar will also feature leading foreign auto makers who come to share experiences for the first time, a not-to-miss opportunity for both auto makers and part producers. The Lean Enterprise Management Summit Forum offers guidance to companies on how to address market challenges, expand presence, and develop along a steady path. The forum also helps companies with insights on savings, smooth manufacturing process, quality assurances, and work safety as part of the wider effort to enhance profitability.

The Aluminium Alloy Application in Consumer Electronics Form Factor Design Forum explores the use of aluminium alloy in consumer electronics based on the Aluminum Application in Consumer Electronics Whitepaper in 2016, with a particular focus on demanding specifications of Aluminum case and molding technologies in the 5G era.

The Aluminium Deep Processing Forum offers companies with insights on how to expand to wider application areas and promote transformational upgrades. The forum explores Aluminum application in transportation and consumer electronics as affects future development and industry standards.

A special topic of the forum will cover Aluminum use in general aerospace, including a new trend of deep processing technologies whereby the industry must adapt to the needs of end users.

Building on past successes, Aluminium China 2017 will continue to innovate and try out new creative thinking, including new formats and enriched contents. The event will offer a remarkably refreshing industry fanfare that promotes accelerated upgrade.

Source: www.alcircle.com

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